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Monthly Archives: November 2011


I know my blogging has been awful lately. With NaNoWriMo, a conference that ended up two weeks earlier than I was thinking and now Thanksgiving here I have been swamped. I will tell you all about the NC Writers’ Network Conference in the next post. It was wonderful and I learned a lot.




Sorry for the slow blogging this month. Between Nano, my hands and my health, the blog, visiting other blogs and forums are put on the back burner.

I did receive some wonderful news from a friend who thought enough of me to give this blog an award. I will save that for tomorrow when I can think enough to answer the questions plus send it on to others.

I am slowly coming back out of my cocoon. The stitches are out of my hand. YEAH!!! It feels so much better without the stitches pulling. I still have swelling, my thumb still clicks and my middle finger aches. My doctor is attributing it to the swelling, in which I agree. When we did my left thumb the clicking did not stop until the swelling went down. We believe my swelling is lasting a little longer this time because we did two fingers and because of the fibromyalgia I tend to heal slower than most.

Surgery for Trigger Fingers

I put in as a thumbnail that way the brave heart among us can click and make larger if you want to see. Even though it isn’t as bad as the last time.

My health still is not the greatest but I am trying not to let it get me down. IBS sucks big time, at least that is what we are chalking it up to for now. It is very hard to set meetings and make plans that take you away from a bathroom. You just never know when it is going to hit, but when it does oh boy watch out.

I fell back on NaNo last week in a big way. I am extremely thankful for my 3,000 + word counts the week before as they kept me alive this week. I knew with the surgery and the upcoming conference things would fall behind, so I say thank you to my muse who helped me along the way. Yesterday I had a huge word flow while waiting for my doctor’s appointment. His office is usually behind schedule, matter-of-fact one time hubby and I sat and watched a movie on my iPad, that is how behind they were that day. I was glad for him being 70 minutes behind as I sat in the waiting room typing away. After coming home, eating some lunch I went back into my office and typed away. I stopped at about 5:00 thinking I was done for the night with a little over 3,000 words.

Well little did I know that the universe was aligning to help me out in a big way. As the rest of my family members sat in the living room, reading, watching TV or on their computers, I decided to check my emails on my laptop. I am glad I did, as there was an email from my NaNo group telling us that the new NaNo Chat section was up and running. I know, some might think, a chat group now isn’t that a waste of time? No actually it was not, it was a boon to my word count. My local group was having a game of word wars. This is when the moderator sets a timer and you head off and start writing, whether by pen, pencil or computer. When the mod. calls time you add up your word count and post it to the chat room. I was on a run and kept having the highest word count. I tell you, my muse was on overdrive yesterday. I ended up writing a little over 5,000 words total yesterday for a word count of 19,666. I love that number for some reason. Today I am going to type away and hope for another 5,000+ for a count of 25,000. Wish me luck.


Out for the Count

Well only temporarily. I was planning on blogging twice a week, Mondays and Fridays during NaNoWriMo, and leaving the reveal of the new blog until December. The reveal is still set, but I fell through on the twice a week thing.

I have been going strong on my daily word count which is a good thing. I am shooting for 1,667 words a day and have been hitting a little over 3,000. Great, I thought, because I know days will come where I won’t be able to think of a single thing to write and I will have some cushion.

I also knew I would have hand, well actually finger and thumb surgery, and I would be down for half a day. Well half turned into a full day. I didn’t realize my middle finger was going to hurt so bad I would be taking 2 Vicodans every four hours, knocking me out in the process.

When I had the surgery last spring it was only on my left thumb. I only had to take one pill and I was pretty much good to go after that. I tend to have high toleration to pain and the only reason I was not able to do a lot then was because it was my dominate hand. But damn, now my middle finger feels like someone broke it and then stomped on it a few times for good measure.

I am hoping by tomorrow I will be able to write for a longer period of time and work on my novel.