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Are You Grateful?

When tend to run around like mad people, whether it be running children around, doing errands, cleaning house, getting meals prepared, even volunteering or working a full or part-time job plus doing the aforementioned. Then we usually add to that some sort of drama of the day, and our way to respond to it is throw up our hands, plod on through putting out those fires, and don’t stop to breath until we get into bed. And that might just be a maybe, if you are like me you play over and over again in your head things that happened that day or even last week and usually they are should have, could have, would haves. It is really hard for us to stop for just a moment to breath and rest.

I was one of those that just let my day drive my life, now my life drives my day. One thing I started doing that has been a big help is playing an audiobook before bed. I have the Audible app on my iPhone and iPad and there is a sleep timer which I set for 15 minutes. After 15 minutes if I am still awake I reach over and restart it. I have yet to still be awake after the second set. Listening to the book keeps my mind from being busy and constantly chattering – monkey mind is what I like to call it. Now in the mornings I feel more restful.

The next biggest thing I started doing was a gratitude journal. I bought this lovely Studio Oh Deconstruct Journal from Amazon which has the lovely art work of Katie Daisy who is truly amazing.


I went ahead and started decorating the inside page


Just a little something to make me feel good while I’m using it.

So now at some point during the day, I stop a moment, take a deep breath and be thankful for five things. If I have the time at the moment I put it in my journal, if not I wait until later that evening when everything is quite. It takes me some time because I like to decorate and use different inks and letterings, but you don’t have to, just write your grateful things in list format. I know how hard it is during the busyness of your life to stop a moment for yourself and be grateful, but the important thing is to take those few minutes to breathe, gather your thoughts and be thankful. You will notice a big difference in your life. I know I do.


Namaste! Hugs!

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