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Did you ever have one of those weeks or even months in which you were bombarded with the same thing over and over again. Okay well maybe bombarded is to strong of a word, but it is constantly present. For example, I kept seeing posts about a book called 1,000 Gifts, I would see it in bookstores, and I would hear people talking about it. So I caved, I bought it.

I went to a website called Dayspring and got lost in all their cuteness. They had so many wonderful things I had a problem in deciding what not to buy.

Not only did I pick up the book 1,000 Gifts, I also picked up a little workbook on community, a t-shirt, and the cutest purse and make-up bag. This is not your ordinary make-up bag. It is larger than most.

Across the front pocket it says ‘truly beautiful’ Ecc. 3:11. I am using it to keep my pens, pencils and highlighters for when I read the Bible. The front pocket holds my daily devotional Forward Day by Day. Inside is a zippered compartment and two pockets. It has a ton of room in there.

The bag is big enough to hold my Bible, my journal, my devotional book, whatever book I am reading, the make-up bag, plus a lot more. On the front it says ‘found & treasured’ II Thessalonians 2:13. It also has a zippered compartment and a pocket inside.

The picture was taken in my dinette, which leads out to our big deck and faces the backyard. On my table are roses cut from the bushes we bought over the weekend. I love them! They are in one of my teapots, I thought they matched perfectly. The table is decorated with a handmade embroidered tablecloth my Mom made me for Christmas. I adore it! I love when I receive handmade items, I feel so honored that I am so thought of for someone to sit, for hours or days, and make something just for me.

Here is a close up of one of the flowers, there are four, one in each corner.

She also hand crocheted the edging of the tablecloth. Usually I keep it in my bedroom on a little table where I have a small sitting area. I keep my precious mementos on that table; an angel my g-aunt gave me, a handkerchief by Laura Ingalls Gunn’s (from Decor to Adore) that belonged to her grandmother. You can see a picture of it here, without the homemade tablecloth, a book Gift from the Sea by Ann Morrow Lindbergh.

Do you have a special area in your house? What do you use it for?

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