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Do you have a special place you can go to for solitude? for meditation? a little peace? some soul searching?

Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all day long Psalm 119:97

We bought our house and 3 acres in 2001 and I have set up a few peaceful places in my house. My craft room and bedroom have little sitting areas. Outside I had three places, my back deck, a little spot by the chickens, and a little area in front with a bistro set.

Our property is almost like a rectangle and on the first acre and half sits the house with front and back yard, the other acre and a half in the back is woods, a stream, and a small clearing near the stream. This little spot has always been a favorite of mine. I am not sure what it is about water; streams, rivers, lakes, oceans, I love them and am drawn to them.





YOU O GOD.Psalms 42:1

A few weeks ago I bought two Adirondack chairs. Sweet hubby mowed the area and put down some organic bug stuff. Today I went down with my Bible, my reading, and my journal and had some solitude. A time for meditation. It was peaceful, and my thoughts were as clear as the stream in front of me. I could feel God’s presence all around me, in the ferns, the cedars, the beeches, the birds and dragonfly.

Hubby and I decided we are going to clear it out some more, bring down a fire pit and a few insect torches. It is just to peaceful a spot and so close to God to ignore it.

Tell me about your spot. Where do you go?


  1. My place for renewal is in the depth of the sea off a big flat rock about 45 minutes from whereI live, this is a place of annual pilgrimage for a kind of spiritual immersion where everything is released and I absorb the energy and force of the sea, its sparkles and gentle swaying and when I’m not there I just recall it.

    • Claire than you so much for your comment. That sounds like a very lovely place. I can see how you can release everything there.


  2. I have QT either in the living room or in our little study. We bought an old steading and renovated it last year. It has a nice size garden but we are still sorting it out! We put grass seed down a couple of months ago and so the grass is starting to grow now. There are a few possible QT spots out there and I’m looking forward to these being developed.

    I enjoyed your QT post and your new QT spot looks like it’s going to be fabulous.

    Thank you for linking up with Scripture Sunday this week.


    • Wendy, I bet you will a beautiful QT outdoors when you are finished. I so love being close to nature.


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